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Cadet Protection

CAP is a safe, positive environment that uses an age-appropriate, military-style learning model to challenge young people. While cadet life is regimented, we do not tolerate any form of abusive behavior or hazing.

Five Pillars of CAP’s Cadet Protection Strategy

Following the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, our Cadet Protection Policy stands upon five pillars:

1. Screening of prospective adult volunteerswith an in-person interview at the unit and a criminal background check using fingerprints

2. Standards of Practice, with two-deep adult leadership as the key standard

3. Monitoring of local practices by leaders, adult volunteers, and cadets

4. Reporting of reasonable suspicions of abuse

5. Training, with the Cadet Protection Basic and Advanced courses for adults, and an age-appropriate Wingman course for cadets

Cadet Protection Highlights

  • Every CAP adult leader has been fingerprinted and passed a criminal background check.

  • Every CAP adult leader has been trained in how to mentor youth in a positive way.

  • Every CAP activity (with a few, rare exceptions) will be supervised by at least two CAP adult leaders.

  • We structure our activities so that opportunities for isolated, one-on-one contact between adult volunteers and cadets are minimized.

  • Activities are listed  by a combination of a web calendar, Facebook page and email so families can know what events are upcoming.

  • Families will be given information each time a special activity (any event outside our normal weekly meeting) is held, and parents will be asked to sign a permission slip. (for cadets under age 18). 

  • If an adult leader is transporting a cadet, at least one other person will be in the vehicle.

  • While older, experienced cadets act as servant-leaders over younger, newcomer cadets, they always do so under adult supervision.

  • Each cadet has a “wingman” for peer-to-peer support and safety.

  • We teach cadets to look out for their wingman’s safety and we tell cadets that if they think inappropriate behavior is occurring, they are to tell any trusted adult, without fear of retaliation

If You Have Questions or Concerns

the squadron commander or deputy commander for cadets is the best person to approach with a question or concern. Parents are encouraged to address any concerns with adult leaders at anytime. 

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